"I have retained Robin over the years to handle my child custody issues and she was charming, competent, brilliant, and made things happen quickly. I recommend Robin to anyone that wants a talented attorney. Robin is an attorney that is affable to deal with, truly caring, fair and diligent."

Tom Case, Trabuco Canyon, California (*full identity printed with client's permission)

"I hired Ms. Huggins to modify my previous custody order and she did an excellent job. She was tenacious in her representation and I was given custody of my children. She was understanding and empathetic, she was ethical and honest, and she was appropriately humorous and very easy to talk to."


"Robin is a remarkable attorney as she is handling my case with evident concern for my family's wellbeing. What I really appreciate about her is that she has taken the effort to appreciate unique aspects about my case - background, cultural differences - and she retains the information which helps her in her precise defense. I'm always assured that my case is in good hands. She establishes good camaraderie which is so refreshing and uplifting in the cold courtroom atmosphere. I trust her judgment and therefore I am more than satisfied with her work."

Tara T.

"Robin Grant-Huggins is fair yet tough. I was impatient with the system, and did not realize the importance of the preparation. When we went to court, I realized how well Robin had prepared us, and it really paid off. Robin was very dignified, yet very tough in the Court Room. Divorce is expensive, yet Robin had me do much of the research which helped cut costs. I felt I was very well represented, the cost was reasonable, and I would highly recommend Robin Grant-Huggins as an outstanding Divorce Attorney."

S. Keller of Mission Viejo

"I was referred to Robin from a very close friend during the absolute worst experience of my life. I was an emotional wreck and very vulnerable. She not only protected me and my legal matters, she became a friend that I could trust. I had a very non-combative attitude during the whole legal proceedings. I only wanted to complete what was necessary, do what's right and move on. Well, I was faced with being asked by the opposing party to give up what I felt was not fair, as per what the law deems as fair. On five separate large legal issues I felt it was necessary to say no to protect myself. With Robin's help, the courts favored me and sided with my arguments. So that is 5 and 0 in my book. If you want to win your battles in court, Robin is the right choice. If you find yourself in court and Robin is on the other side, I feel very sad for you. Hands down, I could not have made a better choice for legal representation. The fact that she is also beautiful is just a bonus to it all!"


Robin handled my divorce. She understood the emotional and the financial impact that this had on my life. She was also compassionate and understanding about my financial situation and worked with me on a payment schedule that I was able to handle. She was ready and willing to negotiate, but when that failed, she was ready to seek court resolution. She was very thorough in her preparation and understanding of the law to seek positive results for me in court. Robin stayed with my case until all settlements were completed and she did what was necessary to make sure it finalized. It is very comforting to have someone that is looking after you and your best interest.