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Your Separation Can Change Your Child's Life

Make sure your custody arrangement is fair

Sometimes relationships don't work out. Any divorce or legal separation is difficult, but if you share children with your former partner, you'll have to face the stress of making a child custody arrangement. The Grant-Huggins Law Group will guide you through the process.

You won't have to face this difficult situation alone. Our attorney is compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable. You'll get the help you need to protect your child's best interests. Meet with a well-qualified family law attorney from our firm today.

Child custody falls into two subcategories: physical and legal. Physical custody determines the main living place of the child while legal custody determines who will make important decisions about the child's life. These decisions may involve:

  • Schooling
  • Religion
  • Health care
Both physical and legal custody can be primary or joint. Learn more about child custody in California now by speaking with our attorney.