Get Sound Legal Advice About Your Commercial Entity

Get Sound Legal Advice About Your Commercial Entity

Corporate law in Newport Beach, CA

Whether you need help with operational matters or business succession planning, you’ll find a knowledgeable legal professional at The Grant-Huggins Law Group. Our attorney has been licensed since 1998 and has been in the law field for over 30 years.
Count on The Grant-Huggins Law Group serving Newport Beach for:

  • Business formation
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Business succession planning
  • Corporate litigation
  • Contract/transactional work

Our legal professional will analyze your case to determine the best approach for a successful outcome. Schedule an appointment with The Grant-Huggins Law Group by calling (949) 988-3340.

The attorney at The Grant-Huggins Law Group has worked hard over the years to establish a reputation for superior services and unmatched client care. Our legal professional will guide you throughout the process so you know what to expect. In addition to corporate law, we manage cases pertaining to family law, estate planning and probate.

Get in touch with our legal professional about your corporate case as soon as possible.